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Blasphemy Case: MBT Complained against RSN Singh for Blasphemous Statement against Prophet of Islam on “Times Now” Channel

MBT Spokesman Amjed Ullah Khan Complained against RSN Singh for using derogatory language against Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) on “Times Now” Channel

Hyderabad: MBT Spokesman Amjed Ullah Khan submitted a complaint against R S N Singh for using derogatory language against Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) on Times Now Channel Necessary action against R S N Singh (former RAW official) who had intentionally insulted Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and Ayesha (RA) and for disturbing communal harmony-Req-Reg.

This is to state that during a debate by name “DAWA Squads Unleashed To Stalk Hindu Girls..?” India Upfront With Rahul Shiv Shankar, Editor-in-Chief of Times Now Channel the panellist Mr R S N Singh (former RAW official) had intentionally insulted Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) by his blasphemous comments which have caused considerable anger among followers of Islam all over the world.

In the said live telecast R S N Singh who is known for his bigoted views and a regular panellist on Times Now Channel debates has used derogaratory language for the most revered personality in Islam after Allah. During the discussion Mr R S N Singh Intentionally goes on to make insane and factually incorrect comments about the revered wife of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) accusing her of having murdered Hazrath Ali, one of the caliphates of Islam, and his Sons.

Such view from a person who has served in a disciplined force has astonished not only the followers of Islam but all Secular persons are condemning his views. It is very sad to note that a reputed brand Times Now Channel allowed an individual to Insult the Prophet (PBUH) of Islam. Under IPC R S N Singh hateful utterance make it a perfect case of criminal act under IPC Sec 153(A) since his comments had promoted enmity “Between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence language etc and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of peace & harmony”.

In view of this it is requested to procure the original video of discussion from the Times Now Channel as the Channel has removed the original video from You Tube but still its copies are being circulating hurting the religious sentiments of Muslims, Necessary action may be taken against R S N Singh and others. Necessary action taken in this regard may be informed.

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