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Remove Sakshi Maharaj from Parliament: 15,500 people filed petition for supporting Ram Rahim

Petition filed by 15,500 people demanding removal of Sakhi Maharaj from the House of Parliament for supporting Ram Rahim

Uttar Pradesh: BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj who supported the controversy by supporting the controversial statement supported another controversial Baba Ram Rahim.

In the last four days, Baba Ram Rahim was accused in a case of rape on him after being convicted by the CBI court. Sakshi Maharaj said that a conspiracy was being hatched against Baba Ram Rahim. People are counting them as God in a large number.

In this matter, there is a lot of criticism in Sakhi Maharaj’s political corridors and on social media.

In this case more than 15 thousand people have filed an online petition against BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj. In which these people have urged PM Modi, BJP President Amit Shah and President Kovind to cancel his membership from the Parliament.

In this online petition filed in Avaaz.org, it has been said that the MP who has been accused of raping, the accused has done cheating on the people of India, MPs supporting the culprits with such serious allegations have no right to be in Parliament.

This online petition has been shared by social activist and advocate Prashant Bhushan by tweeting on social media site. This online petition against BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj has so far signed by 15,500 people.

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