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Kannada Vakkoota demands Laxmi Hebbalkar’s deportation from Karnataka

Bengaluru: Kannada Vakkoota, a confederation of Pro-Kannnada organizations, today at Mysore Circle, has burnt effigy of Laxmi Hebbalkar.

It is reported that, Laxmi, who is the President of Belgaum District Congress Committee has delivered her speech in Marathi and that the Congressian has extended support to Maharashtra Ekikaran Samiti MES.

Kannada Vakkoota leader Vatal Nagraj out-rightly rejected any apology from Laxmi and has strongly demanded from the Siddaramaiah led Congress Govt in the state to take immediate action against Laxmi. Dr Sa Ra Govind urged the Karnata Pradesh Congress Committee President Dr G Parmeshwar to sack Laxmi Hebbalkar forthwith from the primary membership of the party.

Kannada Chaluvali Party leader Vatal Nagaraj has demanded Laxmi Hebbalakar’s deportation to Maharashtra following her “pro-Maharashtra” statement and speech in Marathi. At the same time, he sought her dismissal from state Women’s Congress chief’s post as well as removal of her name from state voter’s list.

Laxmi Hebbalakar in her speech delivered in Marathi had said, “If Belgaum is ruled by Maharashtra, I will be the first one to hold the Maratha flag and march shouting Jai Maharashtra.”

Holding a responsible position, it is unbecoming of her to issue such an irresponsible statement, said Vatal and added, “a protest will be organised in front of Kittur Rani Chennamma statue at Belagavi by Kannada outfits on September 2.”

Following her statement, resentment is growing in the state as many pro-Kannada organisations and outfits have demanded strong action against her.

Protests have been held across the state condemning her statement and demanding for her sacking from the Karnataka Congress.

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