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Cow Terrorism

#ComeOutOfHome & Resist Lynching India – Let us Unite to defeat Fascist Agenda – Abdul Hannan

#ComeOutOfHome & Resist Lynching India – Let us Unite to defeat Fascist Agenda – Abdul Hannan

Bengaluru, 25 August 2017: After the international phenomena #NotInMyName protests across the world, Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) has launched a massive awareness drive Resist Lynching India countrywide to educate the common masses and succeeded to involve them to stand against the atrocious cow terrorism hatched by cow vigilantes backed by the communal and fascist forces who are in power, at the Centre and in several states, said SDPI Karnataka State President Abdul Hannan in an interview to our correspondent at his office in Bangalore today.

Throughout this massive campaign which lasted for 25 days, we see is that we have succeeded in forming peacefully resistant gatherings against the mob lynching. The campaign has concluded today with the slogan “Come Out of Home” and has been observed over 20 districts of Karnataka state. He further said, we have conducted street demonstrations, corner meetings and large public conferences to ensure that the fear being instilled by the fascist forces in the common people gets driven away.

Hannan said, we had appealed the common people cutting across the lines of race and religion, to raise against the terrible cow terrorists who are pushing hundreds of families of the victims of brutal lynching in the name of protection of cows. Our party cadres, members and supporters in huge numbers organized human chains on the streets of towns and cities sporting placards seemed determined to put an end to the onslaught of the life-threatening cow vigilantes who are continuing the rampant lynchings of innocent Muslim and Dalit cattle traders, though they carry legal documentation.

The increasing cases of rampant mob lynchings are all thanks to the hate speeches of the BJP Parliamentarians, Legislatures and even the Prime Minister, which have emboldened the cow-vigilantes turning themselves in to cow terrorists.

Hannan said, looking at the displeasing situation wherein innocents are being thrashed, paraded naked and lynched, it seems our beloved India is being driven towards ‘Lynch Rashtra’ and not Make In India or Shine India, as it is addressed by the communal forces in power.

Hannan gave a call of unity to youths, intellectuals, scholars, women and organizations to join hands together, organize ourselves and be ready for strong agitations against the extreme human right violations and injustices.

Abdul Hannan thanked everyone who stood in support of the party’s campaign in achieving its aim.

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