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Minorities, Dalits and Progressives should unite to fight the threat of fascism – Jignesh Mewani

Minorities, Dalits and Progressives should unite to fight the threat of fascism – Jignesh Mewani

Bengaluru, 20 August 2017: Dalit activist who had led much publicized public marches Una Chalo in Gujarat and Udupi Chalo in Karnataka against the injustices meted out to Dalits, is on a visit to Bangalore in continuation for his agitation for land and home for the deprived classes.

Rights activists Jignesh and Gauri Lankesh met a group of Muslim and Dalit intellectuals and held a brainstorming interaction with the like-minded people. During the meet they all resolved to join hands and proceed with the struggle for change.

Jignesh Mewani, the popular Dalit activist from Gujarat, in his short address said, let’s not invest all our potential only for our identity or aatma sammaan but also struggle for the rights of being a citizen of the country as well.Let us demand for our land and home, for they are our fundamental rights. He stressed on the unity of all sections of the society, said there is a need for Muslims, Dalits and Progressive people to unite and fight fascism and capitalism which have entrenched in Indian soil now. He called for unity among Muslims, Dalits and all Progressive Groups to come together and fight out the Sangh Parivar who are hell bent to destabilize the democracy of our country. Jignesh hinted at launching of his Dalit movement countrywide with the title Rashtriya Dalit Adhikar Manch. He said, I have plans to form an organization which would continue our agitation for land and home, the very basic rights of everyone being a citizen of India. He said, soon I would be announcing the floating a nationwide organization “Rashtriya Dalit Adhikar Manch” and that the declaration would soon be made along with an appeal for Fund.

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