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Indefinite fast for the rehabilitation of villagers; Medha Patkar’s health condition worsens; may face arrest

Badwani / Dhar: The water in the Sardar Sarovar dam is increasing. With the rise of water level, the migrations of the villagers continue. Medha Patkar, leader of the Narmada Bachao Andolan for the rehabilitation of the villagers, is fasting with 11 people in Chikhalda village of Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh. Today is the 10th day of fasting. By the evening till yesterday evening, the water level of Narmada has increased by 0.500 meters to 121.400 meters in 24 hours. In Chikhalda, water has climbed at Babaji’s Tomb of Balipur, located on the Narmada coast. Only the upper part of the flag are visible Water mounds in the western part of Rajghat are entering the water. Escape from Bhavati, Bijasan, Panya, Dhanora villages of the coast is on.

The condition of many who are fasting is getting worse

With the increase of water in the dam, as many as one village is submerged, the lack of water and blood pressure in the body of 12 students, including Medha Patkar, is fasting at the same pace. The government is silent on this whole issue. Two days ago a team of government doctors came to investigate the health of the applicants. The team took the samples of the instructors. But have not yet given their report. Given the apathy of the government party, last night, agitators called a team of doctors and examined 11 activists including Medha Patkar.

The team of doctors said that after examining blood pressure, blood sugar, urine etc. of all the people sitting on the hunger strike, it was found that the condition of all Anshpadis, including Medha Patkar, is serious. Blood pressure has decreased considerably and almost all of the amount of ketone found in urine was found. The government has now been alerted after the report comes. Heavy police forces and 12 ambulance trains have reached the venue of the fast. The doctor said that almost everyone’s condition is serious and everyone needs to be admitted to the hospital for medical examination.

Shivraj’s appeal through tweets

Shivraj Singh Chauhan has asked to tweet and break the fast. On this whole issue, the Madhya Pradesh government is quietly silent. For ten days, from Madhya Pradesh to Delhi’s Jantar-Mantar, protests and fasting are being done. Some MPs raised this issue in parliament too. With the release of a letter signed by about fifteen MPs, Medha was requested to end the fast. But Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan requested to abolish the hunger strike by tweeting this morning instead of opening his tongue. He has written to address Patkar on the tweeter that “I am concerned about the health of your colleagues. You request that you end all the hunger. It is my duty to worry about the interests of all displaced people “.

He got an answer from Medha Patkar too. Medha thanked the Chief Minister in his reply. At the same time, he said that the first dam will be stopped after the water and the rehabilitation will be broken.

Medha refuses to get admitted in to hospital

All the activists, including Medha Patkar, refusing to heed the medical check-up, said, “We should be concerned about the administration of the people of Narmada valley, not having to worry about 12 people. No matter how serious the situation is, neither we will conduct any medical examination nor will we get up fast. Unless the government is ready for dialogue and rehabilitation remains. The gate of the Sardar Sarovar Dam, which has been closed, does not open back, our hunger strike will continue.

May face arrest
In view of the declining health of Anjanakarias and in view of the Chief Minister’s tweets, this hope is being expressed that today perhaps there is talk of governance. Anastanian can be arrested even if the conversation fails. According to information from the sources, the administration can arrest them due to the health of the abductors. Just waiting for the green signal from the government.

“We have not received any message from the government to talk to us till now,” says Himshi associated with the Narmada Bachao Andolan. I am hearing through the media that two people from the government are going to talk today. But until full-time rehabilitation happens. The hunger strike will not be over. ”

Moving forward his conversation, he tears that, “The Chief Minister is playing on the tweeter. They have said to worry about talking and rehabilitation. In 32 years, when rehabilitation does not happen, how will they do in one day?

Claims of Dhar District Administration

Dhar Collector Shriman Shukla, along with the transfer of the people to the rehabilitation site, said that the displacement of 8 villages has been completed from 50 villages of the submerged area, in which from Manvar tehsil to Jalkhheda and Patwar, Dharampuri tehsil to Nimbola, Gulati, Balwada And Kutchi include Sisgaon, Dehar and Tenanda. Indeed, all these villages are such villages which in 2008 were carried out by the government from Backwaters level, due to which according to official data, very few houses in these villages are submerged in the affected area, who are claiming the completion of rehabilitation. There are 10 such houses still in Jalakheda that have not been rehabilitated. If there is no settlement of Tangda village, then where rehabilitation is, this is a big question.

Narmada Bachao Andolan’s 12 Satyagrahis who have been fasting from the 27th of July, 2017

1 – Medha Patkar – Narmada Bachao Andolan – 62 years
2 – Gayatri sister-cardamom – 51
3 – Vimala sister – Khaparkheda – 50 years
4 – Bhagwati Bai, Nisarpur – 58 years
5 – Manjula Sister, Nisarpur – 50 years
6 – Pushpa Sister, Nisarpur – 40 years
7 – Rukmani Sister, Nisarpur- 48 years
8 – Bhagwati Sister, Chhota Bhada – 52 years
9 – Sevanti sister, small boyda – 50 years
10 – Dharmendra Bhai, Khaparkheda – 41 years
11 – Rameshwar Bhai, Avalda – 40 years
12 – Bau Bhai, Avalda – 43 years

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