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Hundreds of students arrested on the streets of Lucknow protesting against Yogi Government in UP

Hundreds of students arrested on the streets of Lucknow protesting against Yogi Government in UP

Lucknow: The students and youth of the state are on the streets, thanks to the anti-people policies of the Yogi Adityanath Government. Since the formation of the BJP government in the state, the educational campus is disturbed. The reduction of seats in universities and lack of funds has become commonplace. Six hostels of Lucknow University are being self-funded. Students living in it will be recovered millions of rupees per year. For the students of the common family, poor, backward and Dalit students, the hostel will now be dreamed. Against this anti-student policies of the government, students are organizing anti-government protest demonstrations and peaceful marches in the campus. The state government has come down on carrying out harassment on the protesting students. Agitating students are arrested by police and being pushed in jails. Despite the police suppression, the resentment of the students is not diminishing.

Says Nitin Raj, the leader of the AISA, “The BJP Government has transformed all the universities into the arena of saffron politics. Seat reductions and funds are being reduced in the premises. This is going to threaten the closure of higher education for the students of the poor families. Secondly, during this period, suppression of women in the entire state has increased. Seats are being cut in JNU and, on the other hand, it is being talked of bringing army tanks in the campuses. ”

The All India Students Association (AISA) and the Inklabee Naujawan Sabha are jointly launching the Democracy Save Marches. In the same sequence, both organizations took out the March from the gate number of Lucknow University. But after walking a few steps, the police stopped the students after arresting them and arrested them. Nearly one hundred and a half students have given their arrest. Says Sunil Maurya, State Secretary of Aisa, “The Yogi Government has kept the feudal forces free. Due to this, atrocities on Dalits, women and minorities are happening in the entire state and suppressing democratic voices. ”

Rakesh Singh, state secretary of the Inklabee Naujawan Sabha, says, “The work of this government is only to distort social fraternity and to enforce the anti-people policies under its guise. ”

 Major demands of students:

  1. Back the fictitious lawsuit against students of Lucknow University.
  2. Punish the culprits of Saharanpur.
  3. Release the leader of Saharanpur Chandrasekhar unconditionally.
  4. The ban on the recruitment imposed on the name of corruption should be withdrawn and the investigation of the Uttar Pradesh Public Commission should be conducted under the supervision of the CBI.
  5. The freedom of expression of the students should be restored immediately.
  6. Students should get regular elections.
  7. The incidents of communal harmony and spoilage should be strictly banned and strictly dealt with guilty forces. Cutting the budget of education be stopped and guaranteed employment.
  8. Stop the suppression of protesting students and youth movements.
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