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Bihar Chief Minister has betrayed people of Bihar by joining hands with BJP: Jamaat Islami Hind

Bihar Chief Minister has betrayed people of Bihar by joining hands with BJP: Jamaat Islami Hind

New Delhi: The recent political scenario of New Delhi shows that there has been a considerable decline in the ethics of country’s politics in the country. The democratic system on which our political process operates, political incidents will be a threat to the credit and the politics of wealth and power in the country will pave the way. The Chief Minister of Bihar, alliance with BJP, which is a political U-Turn is full of frustrated opportunism and democratic norms and mandate in the history. The lowest example of contempt and neglect is because voters in Bihar have voted Against the NDA and the Congress, the JDU-RJD coalition was raised to power, said by Jamaat-e-Islami President (Ameer) Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umri.

Maulana Umri, coming out of the monthly press conference held at the Central Office of Jamat in Delhi, said that this matter is not only political betrayal, but a kind of political corruption which will destroy the important internal organs of our democracy. He further said “There is an important role of the people in the establishment of any power”.

Jama’at-e-Islami Hind expressed a great deal of concern on another worrisome incident is trending these days is that a political party of Gujarat hides and held captive its legislators in a different state, so that they cannot be purchased by another political party. This is also an example of moral decline in our society. Maulana Umri said that now people’s conscience can be bought and sold as a commodity in the market. Jamaat Islami from the first day supporting and propagating politics based on values. Nowadays in politics, mutual trust, honesty, truth and the like, there is a need to revive Islamic values ​​again, to stop the country’s political collapse.

On the issue of mobs lynching, Jamaat expressed serious concern, said that anti-social elements in the country and chaos is being spread by the miscreants. In the name of protection of cow and Indian culture is being compromised. But the manner in which the innocent civilians are being harassed in the country appears to be that the machinery of law and order has completely failed.

Maulana Umri said that the Jamaat feels that for the last three years Muslims and Dalits, there has been a lot of increase in crime and hatered against the Dalit classes. The anti-social elements are becoming fearless because they know that their bosses are sitting in power. The heinous incidents of lynching are becoming a cause of great embarrassment for the country and our country’s image is being spoiled across the world. Mere statements of condemnation by the Prime Minister would not yield any results. Jamaat urged the Central and State Governments to rein in these chaotic incidents.

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