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Abdul Hannan – We need to empower youth politically aiming at preparing future leadership

Bangalore 29 July 2017: SDPI Karnataka State President Abdul Hannan, during his statement said, there is a dire need of creating political awareness among common people. Aware citizens, make better decisions, enabling them to vote and elect the right representatives for the houses of legislatures. After every election, 4 years move on cursing over the situation turned worse day by day and 5th year is the beginning of the season for the so called agents who to please their political bosses, get involved among public and succeed in misguiding and convincing them to vote again for the same corrupt politicians. In other words the so called middle-men brokers who work at the behest of corrupt politicians, do successfully mislead people in making wrong decisions while voting, compromising for their temporary gains. At this juncture, it’s our responsibility to make the people aware of the current socio-political affairs, so as to empower them politically and enable them to vote and elect better leaders who could work for the benefit of the society.

Hannan took a dig at the politicians who practice nepotism. He said, certain selfish politicians promote their sons, grandsons, relatives rather than encouraging talented youth of the community take their fair part in the political arena. Hannan said, there are numerous youth among the community, many of whom are engaged in social activism and selflessly working for the betterment of the society with their sacrifices are utterly ignored by the seasoned politicians, several of whom could be seen even enjoying cabinet ministries. Such youths in the community must be motivated to take their part in the development of the society, as these youth could dedicatedly work for the benefit of the society and be the future leaders of our country. Hannan said, we have to take small steps consistently with an aim to prepare leadership for the future generations.

Hannan gave a message to the people, not to get driven away by the fake promises of the legislature, rather appealed to ensure correct and proper knowledge of whom are they voting. This would bring more chances of overthrowing the confusion of whether the candidate or political party is secular or communal. Hannan also gave a call to ulema, intellectuals, organizations and activists to join hands and be on the field and among the public to spread awareness.

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