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Extend NRC to Karnataka: BJP MP Tejasvi Surya..

New Delhi: BJP MP Tejasvi Surya Wednesday urged the Center to extend the National Register of Citizens (NRC) to Karnataka as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh have become a security threat to Bengaluru and the entire state.

At present, the NRC, which is a register containing genuine name of Indian citizens, is being implemented only in Assam.

Speaking during the Zero Hour, Surya alleged that there are a large number of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh in entire Karnataka especially in Bengaluru.

They have not only become a security threat but also an economic threat as they are taking away jobs of locals, Surya said, urging the Centre to extend the NRC to Karnataka to weed out Bangladeshis who are residing there illegally.

Meanwhile, Apna Dal MP Anupriya Patel said Kol Adivasis come under the category of SC in Uttar Pradesh, while they are counted as tribals in other states.

She requested the government that in Uttar Pradesh also they should be categorised under the ST category.

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