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Sanjiv Bhat Case: SDPI Steps In; Assures Cop’s Wife All Help

27 June 2019 New Delhi: A delegation of Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) met Shweta Bhat, wife of IPS Sanjeev Bhatt who has been sacked for his bold dissent against high profile politicians. The former cop has been awarded life imprisonment in a 30 years old case of custodial death. The party leadership has assured the cop’s wife legal support by all means. The party leadership ascertained that it will be with her in the battle being fought against injustice meted out to her husband.

Party General Secretary Mohammed Shafi led a delegation and met Shweta in Ahmedabad on Wednesday. Partys Gujarat leaders Ikramuddin Shaikh, Farooq Ansari and Adv. Faisal were part of the delegation.

The higher courts would take a diametrically opposite view of the case and he will walk free – Mohammed Shafi

Shafi later said that this case seems to smell suspiciously of vendetta politics! “I am of the opinion that the higher courts would take a diametrically opposite view of the case and he will walk free!” Does establishment in power believe this man has been broken or still government would hunt for another case or explicit punishment to satisfy their thrust of vendetta? He said that it seems that Sanjiv Bhatt is paying huge price for the bold and principled stand he has taken.

It is to be noted that Sanjiv Bhat was suspended and subsequently removed from his job. He was arrested and released on bail in 2011. Gujarat government had tried to keep him behind bars objecting his bail. He was again arrested in September 2018 in connection with a 1996 drug planting case and has been behind bars ever since.

Clearly he is paying a price for his integrity, steadfastness, and fearlessness. He dared to speak the truth and stood up against the false and the evil. The Muslims and other minorities must thank him and support him for his courage and integrity. The court-appointed amicus curiae who examined the report of the Special Investigation Team, (SIT), which too was constituted by the court, but was alleged to be heavily biased in favor of Narendra Modi, had opined that there was enough evidence in the report to prosecute Modi. But the SIT chief, R K Raghavan unilaterally over-ruled it

It may be recalled here that Sanjiv Bhatt had filed an affidavit in 2011 in the Supreme Court stating that while he was serving as the Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence in the Gujarat State Intelligence Bureau, in the wake of Godhra train tragedy, the then Chief Minister had instructed top police officials in the state to allow Hindu mobs to vent their anger on Muslims. He had also claimed that his concern about the spread violence and the threat to the life of Congress leader Ehsan Jafri was also ignored by the state government. Bhatt had also accused before the Supreme Court appointed SIT formed to probe the communal carnage, of covering up a larger conspiracy. “What an irony! Those who needed to get the life terms are enjoying life to the brim at the cost of public exchequer”, Shafi exclaimed.

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