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‘PFI’ will bring qualitative change to Indian politics, says KCR

Hyderabad:-Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao,who suggested forging a non-Congress, non-BJP coalition in national politics, today said the alternative being proposed by him would be a “people’s front of India(PFI)”.

“Ultimately, it’s a people’s front of India” and not merely an amalgam of a few political parties, he said in the Legislative Assembly during the debate on Appropriation Bills, 2018.

Saying that people are not satisfied with the way things are in the country, he said a “qualitative change needs to come about in politics and governance”. “China, which was behind India in development earlier, has now marched ahead of our country,” he said and also referred to the tremendous progress made by Japan.

Favouring transfer of various subjects from the Centre to the states as against centralisation of powers, he asked why departments like health, agriculture, rural development, urban development should remain with the Centre.

Rao had met West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in Kolkata recently to discuss the plans for evolving a coalition of regional parties.

On the issue of expulsion of two Congress members for their alleged unruly behaviour during the Governor’s address to the joint sitting of the legislature, he said the government would be tough to ensure decorum in the House.

Flourishing Telangana

The Chief Minister said Telangana has made rapid progress in the last four years since its formation and the state government is implementing numerous development and welfare schemes which are unparallelled in the country. “The state contributed substantially to the Central funds and there is no kindness shown by the Centre towards the state in devolution of funds,” he said.

The government plans to conduct health tests to all the people in Telangana annually like the way private citizens in the United States get their medical check-up done every year, he said.“If it is to be put in one line, Health Profile of Telangana State. Each person will be given a health card. (We are) bringing out such a scheme. It takes time,” Rao said.

The state government is making efforts to develop airstrips at six places in the state, he said. The international airport in Hyderabad has made impressive progress in terms of the number of flights landing and taking off and air traffic, he said.

The GSDP, per capita income of Telangana is more than the national average and the state is faring better than other states on different counts, Rao said. The state is ranked number one in Ease of Doing Business, the Chief Minister said. Opposition BJP floor G Kishan Reddy highlighted the alleged failures and shortcomings of the state government.

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