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BJP’S BOOT WAVE: BJP Candidate Wore Shoe Garland Begging for Votes; Video Gone Viral


BJP’S BOOT WAVE: BJP Candidate Wore Shoe Garland Begging for Votes; Video Gone Viral

Shivraj Singh Chauhan’s government in Madhya Pradesh has become so unpopular in the public. Its angry edge was witnessed in Dhammod district, where a BJP leader came out demanding votes from the people. Actually the elections of Dhamad Nagar Parishad are to be held here. In this election, BJP has made Dinesh Sharma a candidate for the post of president.

On Sunday morning, Dinesh Sharma went out to vote for his supporters, but at one place, the public wore booths of shoes while public relations. Before looking at the shoe bag, the BJP leader caught the hand of the man trying to fetch, but when he saw the environment, then he considered to be good in wearing a garland of shoes.

A supporter looking at the necklace of the leader of his leader came to him and fired the garland from his neck. BJP candidate himself got caught up in the incident. The BJP leader may have thought that if he strongly opposes the incident then the spectacle can become. That’s why he went quietly from there. Now the video of this incident has become viral on social media.

People are stunned to see such a protest of the BJP candidate, and the people of the Dhamanod city council are trying to convince their weak position. People are raising questions about BJP’s policies, so people can also be seen angry with the BJP.

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