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BJP’s Woman Minister Attacked Modi: Modi Government’s Rail and Roads Poor

BJP Minister Kusum’s Attacked Modi: Modi Government’s Rail and Roads Poor

Bhopal: Minister of Public Health Engineering Kusum Mahadele of Madhya Pradesh, whom CM Shivraj Singh could not even question, attacked the Prime Minister Narendra Modi government. She termed the roads of Suresh Prabhu and Nitin Gadkari as cheap. Earlier, in Madhya Pradesh, the roads of Shivraj Singh had done a major drama while describing MLA Rameshwar Sharma as a loser.Shivraj’s minister, Rampal Singh, says that he has kept the roads so bad that people should keep memories of Congress. Let’s say this is the same Kusum Mahadele who was accused of kicking an innocent child.

BJP leader Kusum Mahadele from Madhya Pradesh talking to the press persons

Though such things are reported on the party forum or individually, after traveling on the Rewanchal Express on August 28, Kusum Mahadele tweeted the railway minister and made a public complaint about the poor condition of the train. He said that smelly blanket is being distributed in First AC of Ravangal Express. There is no toilet paper. The pillows are not of any use. Does the railway department worry about passengers? Not only Rechanchal, he also complained to the Railway Minister and Railway Ministry about bad arrangements for sitting in the Mahamana Express that runs from Bhopal to Khamuraho. On this tweet on Mahdele’s request, information was also asked by the Ministry of Railways for his PNR. They did not reply to the PNR number until the news was written.
Modi government’s highway too bad
Mahadele tweeted Nitin Gadkari not only about the bad arrangements of the railways but also the bad roads around Satna. In fact, Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari tweeted that the central government was committed to creating world class infrastructure. Kusum Mahadele said that the condition of the highway around Satna was very bad. Roads are not worth running on. She also counted the names of the highways. Mahadele said that the condition of road from Satna to Panna, Panna to Chhatarpur, Rewa from Satna Highway and Khajuraho to Lavukhshanagar is very poor.
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