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Yogi Saffronizes UP: Saffron Color Buses in Uttar Pradesh

Yogi Saffronizes UP: Saffron Color Buses in Uttar Pradesh

Lucknow: Saffron color is dominated since the coming of Yogi Sarkar in UP. After the beds and hospital sheets, the Yogi Government has now decided to color Uttar Pradesh transport buses with saffron color.

According to reports, the Yogi Government of UP has issued instructions to saffron the colors of UP roadways buses. However, the work has been started only after this order. According to transport corporation officials, whenever a party comes to power, colors of buses are also changed.

Buses were painted in blue in the BSP government. After this, when the SP came into government, the buses were turned into green and red.

He said that in two to three months the buses will be converted into saffron and white color. Officials say that work has begun as soon as the instructions were received from the headquarters, although the colors of buses have changed in some areas.

Kumar Vishwash took a jibe at Yogi’s move of coloring buses saffron by tweeting, “Now there will be no accident-robbery in the roadways. The roads will be like agarbattis. It is called development, now instead of horn, there should be a bell.”

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