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SC to take up ‘Sex Swami’ Nityananda’s Case; After Ram Rahim’s Conviction

After Ram Rahim’s Conviction; SC to take up ‘Sex Swami’ Nityananda’s Case

Bengaluru: After pushing the Dera chief Ram Rahim behind the bars for 20 years on rape charges, Supreme Court has decided to take up self-styled Godman Nityananda sexual assault case in 10 days.

The sexual assault case was filed by his own disciple Aarthi Rao with Karnataka police in 2009. In retaliation, Nityananda’s disciples too filed over 14 complaints against the petitioner after chargesheet was filed against the “Godman.”

Nityananda who claims himself to be the youngest living godman with over 10 million followers, was arrested in April 2010 on rape charges and was granted bail the same year. Nityananda had approached the Supreme Court claiming to be an impotent and demanded stay order on case proceedings. But after the medical test, his claims were proven wrong and was reportedly declared to be a normal adult.

The bench of justices led by SC Judges Justice Deepak Mishra and Justice A M Khanvilkar will take up the case in 10 days.

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