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Cow Terrorism

Cows abandoned on roads die after consuming plastic; Cow-Vigilantes

Banakal, Karnataka: Numerous cows which are abandoned on roads by their owners have died after consuming toxic materials like plastic, while looking for food in garbage on the streets.

Plastic bags, rotten food and garbage thrown on road side is a nuisance to the public as well as the animals. Cows let loose by their owners to find free food instead of feeding them, lumber through the waste mostly plastic and other indigestible things on the road side which ultimately results in their death.

Veternary doctor from Banakal, Aziz treated the cows which fell sick after munching on plastic but in vain.

Locals have complained about cattle death due to consumption of plastic and other toxic materials but no one is bothered to clean the mess and take care of the cows. The locals here hope that the representatives take necessary action at the earliest.

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