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Kannada Literary Pandit Prof. Dr. Ejazuddin passed away – Karnataka has lost a Rich Treasure

Kannada Literary Pandit Prof. Dr. Ejazuddin passed away – Karnataka has lost a Rich Treasure

Bengaluru, 22 Augutst 2017: A prolific and versatile public speaker in Kannada, Hindi and Urdu, Prof. Ejazuddin was actively involved in spreading interfaith harmony and has extensively written over the subject. He was an Islamic Scholar, an intellect of Jain Philosophy, a Pandit in Vachanas and studies of Basavanna and a champion of interfaith matters. His contribution towards the promotion of Kannada language is comprehensive.

An undated photo, shows Dr. Ejazuddin receiving an award during a ceremony

A man with a number of qualities and several feathers in his hat. Dr. Ejazuddin was never an ambitious politician but he had the honor of being a Member in the Karnataka Legislative Council (MLC) as well. Prof. Ejazuddin left behind numerous students whom he had trained and guided in the spiritual tradition of Islam.

This day numerous Kannada literary, his supporters and students grieved the passing away of a great intellectual who had contributed a lot not only to the Kannada literature and culture but to the society as well.

Though, late Dr. Ejazuddin was physically challenged most of his life, as he had affected by polio while was in age 4, he had been a great performer in all the fields that he stepped in. He was a meritorious all his life, earned scholarships at all levels of his education, achieved numerous awards and took all his household’s responsibilities on his shoulders right from his student life.


His last rites and funeral were carried out this evening and was cremated in the Khuddus Sahab Eidgah in Bengaluru.

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