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Khasim Sab. A – Muslims and Dalits should unite culturally, socially and struggle together to reach the strings of political power

Mohammed Khasim Sab. A – Muslims and Dalits should unite culturally, socially and together struggle to reach the strings of political power

Bengaluru: Dr. B.R Ambedkar International Conference 2017, was recently organized by the Social Welfare Department, Government of Karnataka. A well-known socio-political activist from Khasim Sab. A participated and delivered a presentation on by the topic Ambedkarism and Religious Minorities.

In his short address, Khasim Sab opined about the present political scenario in the country wherein Muslims and other minorities are living under fear and insecurity, a misconception being created around terming Muslims as outsiders, non-patriotic, not-complying with the Constitution of India and the like. Citing the scripting of the Constitution by Dr. Ambedkar he said, the entire authoring of the country’s most respected document had fully comprised ‘Muslims’ and their relevant philosophies. The main subject of the Constitution absolutely incorporated the ‘emancipation’ of Muslims as well along with all other oppressed classes, particularly those of Dalits of the society who have been living in the cage of Brahminical enslavement. Khasim Sab. A said, in several stages of Babasaheb’s life, be it personal or socio-political affairs of the country, there have been many instances wherein Muslims are seen playing their part.

Khasim Sab. A concluded by designating Muslims and Dalits as the ‘Mulnivasis’ of the country by referencing Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s substance over the fact that 99% of the Indian Muslims are those who have converted from other religions due to the subjugation in to enslavement and discrimination. Khasim Sab. A called upon Muslims and Dalits of the country to unite culturally and together spread the social awareness aimed at liberating from the ongoing oppression and launch a struggle to reach on to the strings of political power.

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