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Kannada necessary in banks in Karnataka; Learn Kannada or get sacked

Karnataka Development Authority asks banks in Karnataka to to learn Kannada

Bangalore: The Kannada Development Authority (KDA) has asked all nationalized, scheduled and rural banks in Karnataka to to learn Kannada language within a period of six months and said it is necessary for all the banks to transact in Kannada, particularly those banking staff from rural areas.

The authority instructed the banks to setup Kannada units in line with Hindi units for easier learning.

Recently the KDA had issued notices to all the metro authorities over the Hindi row.

He also pointed out that the chief minister, during the state-level bankers meeting, had said that the government would not tolerate any dual standards in the implementation of Kannada language.

“Despite rules that all bank facilities should be available to the public in Kannada, all kinds of forms, specimens should be in Kannada; official activities are not being transacted in Kannada,” read the circular.

Asking banks to give preference to local language candidates during recruitment in accordance with the Sarojini Mahishi report, Siddaramaiah said ‘C’ and ‘D’ group posts should completely be given to locals.

Stating that the CM would visit banks in the days to come to examine the steps taken, he also asked banks to implement the steps suggested on priority basis and submit a report to the authority.

KDA says if those who have been already appointed fail to learn Kannada in six months, they should be relieved of their services in accordance with the recruitment rules.

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